Carnamedica - Closer to your needs.

        Carnamedica is a company built by a physician who has been active in the field of organ transplantation for years. It offers innovative technologies of superior quality that enhance the work of transplant professionals and their teams. It also strives to lower the costs and increase accessibility of thereof for medical facilities. To meet expectations of the caregivers we provide best-of-class technology solutions for organ perfusion and preservation, perfusion cannulas, organ isolation bags and perfusion lines.
        Carnamedica, through collaboration with Medical University of Warsaw, is also responsible for engineering and implementation of innovative medical formula of preservation of stem cells.
We intend to expand further by adding to our catalogue a ground-breaking product for mechanical perfusion to enhance the rinsing process of procured organs as well as an innovative medical device that facilitates the rapid and effective cooling of perfused organs. In the span of a few years of activity in the field of transplantology we have proved that high quality does not necessarily come from abroad. Hence our products are exclusively manufactured in Poland.
        The commitment of Carnamedica team is to value your time as a result we offer finest and flawless products, holding EC and ISO 1348 certificates. Put your trust in our expertise and ensure high efficiency of transplantation process. We continuously make every effort to facilitate your work and therefore we are open to any suggestions you might have.

Carnamedica – Polish Transplant Oriented Company


We are fast expanding our European presence and developing new product portfolio.


Our first Asian markets. We are open for cooperation with local distributors – offering full range of prefusion solutions used in the transplant procedures.