Manufactured with the application of originally designed aseptic filling technology to meet the highest quality standards. Aseptically connected container with 1 mmol of THAM enables risk free buffering USP and pharmacopeia class raw materials used for manufacturing in the GMP certified manufacturing site. We offer CE class III product certified by TUV Nord having shelf life of 18 months, that can be stored at temperatures between 2 and 25 Celsius, packed in EVA bags. Our bags are optimised for organs’ perfusion – equipped with high flow spike port injection port and available in 1 and 2 liter volume.

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LungProtect® (1000 ml / 2000 ml)

Organ preservation solution based on composition of clinically proven „golden standard” colloid based “extracellular” low potassium electrolyte solution for rapid cooling, perfusion and storage of lungs in connection with transplantation. The product include connected THAM buffer container for contamination risk free preparation of ready to use device.


Dextran 40

Monopotassium Phosphate

50 g/L

0.063 g/L

0.5 mmol/l
Glucose monohydrate1 g/L5 mmol/l
Magnesium sulfate anhydrate0.098 g/L0.8 mmol/l
Disodium phosphate anhydrate0.046 g/L0.32 mmol/l
Sodium dichloride8 g/L137 mmol/l

Potassium chloride

Water for injections

0.4 g/L to 1.000ml

5.5 mmol/l

Tham buffer: THAM1 mmol40 mmol/l
Water for injectionsto 25 ml 

Solution LungProtect® has a calculated osmolarity of about 295 mOsmol/l. pH: 5.4 to 7.4 after buffer administration. It is sterile pyrogen-free, colourless or slightly yellow solution.