Manufactured with the application of originally designed aseptic filling technology to meet the highest quality standards. USP and pharmacopeia class raw materials used for manufacturing in the GMP certified manufacturing site. We offer CE class III product certified by TUV Nord having shelf life of 12 months, that can be stored at temperatures between 2 and 15 Celsius, packed in EVA bags. Our bags are optimised for organs’ perfusion – equipped with high flow spike port injection port and available in 1 and 2 liter volume.

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PlegiStore® (1000 ml / 2000 ml)

Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate (HTK formula) solution.


sodium chloride0.8766 g15.0 mmol/L
potassium chloride0.6710 g 9.0 mmol/L
magnesium chloride · 6 H2O 0.8132 g 4.0 mmol/L
histidine hydrochloride · H2O 3.7733 g 18.0 mmol/L
histidine 27.9289 g180.0 mmol/L
tryptophan 0.4085 g2.0 mmol/L
mannitol5.4651 g30.0 mmol/L
calcium chloride · 2 H2O 0.0022 g 0.015 mmol/L
potassium hydrogen 2-oxopentandioate 
(synonym: potassium hydrogen 2-ketoglutarate)
0.1842 g 1.0 mmol/L
Potassium hydroxide 2N to pH adjustment q.s.
Water for injection  q.s. 1.000 mL

Physical properties: pH: 7.02-7.20 at 25° C; 7.40-7.45 at 4° C; Osmolality: 310 mOsm/Kg

HTK solution mimic extracellular fluid. Its mechanism of action is based on the principle of inactivating organ function including the heart by withdrawal of extracellular sodium and calcium in combination with intensive buffering of the extracellular space. This is achieved thanks of histidine content and prolongs the period during which the organs will tolerate interruption of oxygenated blood.